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Rachel - Middle Eastern Dancer

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Farrah: Fananat al Raks al Masri

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Farrah: Fananat al Raks al Masri

(The Egyptian Dance Artists)

Farrah was formed in 2003 by Päivi Mielikäinen and her students to promote Egyptian Dance. We wish to bring joy to audiences with the rich tradition of the Egyptian Dance, from folklore and baladi to classical and stage, from old and traditional to modern forms.

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As Sydney’s first and only Egyptian Folkloric Dance Troupe, Farrah is unique in Australia in its focus on faithfully and respectfully reproducing a range of Egyptian dance forms, using culturally appropriate music and costuming. Our repertoire includes many choreographies by the famous Egyptian master teachers Mahmoud Reda and Madame Raqia Hassan, as well as renowned choreographer Magdy El-Leissy; plus original choreographies by Australia's "Princess of Middle Eastern Dance", Amera Eid, and of course our own Päivi Mielikäinen - teachers who are both highly respected for their extensive knowledge and authentic Egyptian technique.

Farrah is an incorporated association and a non-profit organisation. We welcome enquiries from dancers with some experience who are interested in learning and performing Egyptian dance in a troupe context. Casual membership is available.

Farrah's repertoire includes::

Upcoming Performances

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Farrah is also available to bring an authentic Egyptian flavour to your event, concert or fundraiser. For enquiries and bookings, call Amera's Palace (9519 4793) or Päivi (0414 272 897), or email farrah_dance at

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