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Frequently Asked Questions about booking a professional Middle Eastern Dance performance

A professional performance is elegant and vibrant. If you have never seen Middle Eastern Dance before, prepare to be captivated by the grace of the dance form, impressed by the control and intricacy of the movements, and swept away by the beauty of the costuming. Even if you are Middle Eastern and accustomed to dancing at family events, a professional dancer will bring an extra level of sophistication and can probably add many more moves to your repertoire!

Weddings, parties, anything?

Pretty much! A Middle Eastern Dance performance is the perfect entertainment to add sparkle to almost any occasion.
Birthdays for young and old are popular occasions, as are Christmas parties, weddings, baptisms and anniversary celebrations, engagements, hens' parties and events with an Oriental theme. Corporate functions can also hire a dance performance to help break the ice and add some vivacity to an event, while product launches can be enhanced by the fabulous costuming and exotic music. Children love the colour and movement of dance, and by combining a performance with a lesson, they can learn something too.
An exception: I am not available under any circumstances to perform at bucks' nights or any other all-male event.

What does it cost, and for how long?

The cost depends on the location and the length of the show. Call me on 0403 771134 or email bellydancer_rachel "at" to arrange a quote. Bear in mind that a performance uses professional quality costuming and music, as well as reflecting several years of dedicated training; you do get what you pay for in terms of the quality of the entertainment!
Usually a show lasts for around 20-25 minutes. We can make arrangements for a longer or shorter performance if you require.

How far in advance do I need to book?

As far as you like! You can make a booking months ahead if you like, giving you peace of mind, especially for major events like your wedding. If arrangements are made substantially in advance, I will always call you again closer to the date to re-confirm. But it's possible to call even at the last minute, as cancellations sometimes occur. Of course, if you need to cancel, I request as much notice as possible so that I can make other arrangements.

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But I can't dance! Will I have to get up in front of everyone?

Of course not, if you don't want to! As a professional performer, I am careful to abide by the client's or audience's requests for the show. I'm there to entertain and educate, not to embarrass, so there is no need for any audience members to get up and dance. All I ask is that you show respect for the dancer, the dance, and the culture from which it comes. Active participation in the form of clapping is always appreciated, though! Naturally, if you would like to join in, that is possible too. Don't forget that I'm a teacher as well as a performer, so I'll make sure you learn a move or two! Usually the first and last songs are for the dancer to perform solo; she will indicate if and when audience members should get up or sit down.

Can it be a surprise?

Certainly! Engaging a dancer is always an unexpected and much appreciated surprise at a party. You can make the show your gift to the lucky couple or birthday boy/girl. Just make sure that you tell me it's a surprise, give me a contact phone number, and find out about the venue in advance.

What does the dancer need to know?

Obviously I need to know the time, date and venue of the performance, and the type of event. If it is for a birthday, wedding or similar, I need to know who the "guest of honour" is, whether it is a surprise, and whether or not they wish to be asked to dance. It's important for you to provide me with your contact details in case of any problems. By the time that you confirm, you should find out the following things about the performance space:

  • Is it a function centre, a restaurant, a private house?
  • Is it indoors or outdoors?
  • How large is the space? Is there a stage / dance floor?
  • Where can I park?
  • What sort of sound system will be available?
  • Will a change-room be available?
It also helps me to know something about the audience and their cultural background: for instance, are they Aussies? Lebanese? Syrian? Turkish? Greek? etc. This enables me to choose the most appropriate music.

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What are the dancer's obligations?

I will arrive punctually and be ready to go on stage at the agreed time. Naturally, I will provide my own costume, music and props. Under the very rare circumstances that I can't do the performance (for instance, due to illness or injury), I will arrange for another dancer to replace me and I will contact you to inform you of the change.

This is a big function, so I need more than one dancer.

Sure! There are a few possibilities, depending what sort of show you would like. I can arrange for a choreographed stage show or unchoreographed performance with one or more other dancers. There's also the option of a World Fusion show through Hathor Dance Theatre, or a folkloric or classical/folkloric combination show with Farrah.

Any more questions?

Just give me a call on 0403 771134 and I'll be happy to help! Or you can email me on bellydancer_rachel "at" (sorry to make you type, but it saves me from getting too much spam!)

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